Stage: First sales;
Киндяков Юрий
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Russia - Central Federal District
Появление идеи: 2010-09-07

Concept / idea


Innovative goods and services are the tools allowing to gain visually the most informative impression and to help with the choice. We create and we advance innovative goods and services in 7 directions: 1) Transport 2) Media 3) Art 4) Health 5) Society 6) Clothes 7) Technologies

Key consumers

Target audience of our project are people of different age. Experience shows that our activities are interesting to a wide range of people, starting with professional musicians and DJs (evolutionary muses. tools), finishing representatives of large trading companies (interactive stands).

The main problem the project solves

Educational, cultural and social, entertaining.

Market, sales and marketing

Volume of the market: $10000 M

Target market description

Electronic commerce; Electronic training; Market of interactive advertizing

Planned entry to market

- academic and entertaining and initiative complex;
- interactive center;
- audiovisual academy (studio, school, laboratory);
- the showroom of the best inventions (on opinion of authoritative sources);
- showroom of innovative and design clothes;

Advantages over competitors


Competitive advantages

Range, quality, experience.


  • High qualification of the team
  • This project is well known brand/company
  • Availability of competent team, products has steady competitive advantages before analogs.
  • It's early stage of business, no strong positions on the market
  • No well known brand on the market
  • The project is at an early stage of the organization of business
  • Support from government side
  • Low barriers to enter on the market
  • Support of the project by authorities.
  • There are alternatives on the market.
  • Administrative barriers

The team

Kindyakov Yuriy Mihailovich
Role: Sales, Development, Research.
Experience: 3-5 years.
Education: Higher education.
Goldberg Alexander
Role: Marketing, Sales, Development, Research.
Experience: 5+ years, leading people.
Education: Higher education, Degree, MBA.
Kindyakova Nina Mihailovna
Role: Marketing, Sales.
Experience: 3-5 years.
Education: Secondary education.




Grants and money from prizes on special events: $0 Own money: $0
Investments: $0 Others: $0

Previous investors


Finance and investments

Income and outcome (dotted), K USD
Seeking (total): $500 K
Before the project$500 K

Key costs

  • R&D
  • Marketing, advance, sales.

Key achievements

1: Creation of new devices.
2: Exclusive contracts with one of the best companies.
3: Wide range of integration.

Additional information

Financial model


YouTube clip


Detailed description of the project

The project is active on market research and search of new interesting tools and developments of "future". The catalog is constantly updated. There is a great number of players in the market of innovative products. Behind a small exception, all of them offer "the space prices" for the services and products. In difference from such companies, we divide for ourselves commercial and social approach. Our activities are sent to search and creation of available decisions to everyone.

 Main benefits of our goods and services:

- low cost in comparison with other "players";
- set of scopes of application;
- own production of content, design, architecture, prototyping and programming;
- one of the first innovative projects, since 2008;
- unrestricted age (0+);
- attraction attention even of the most exacting clients of WOW effect;
- new methods of management and interactions with big data;