The thermoelectric converter on the basis of metal-dielectric-semiconductor-metal structures
Stage: Idea;
Карапетьян Геворк
Russia - Southern Federal District
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Появление идеи: 2009-01-01

Concept / idea


The thermoelectric converter is offered, presenting a silicon microcircuit which during work is cooled and used both as source of electric energy, and as refrigerating elements. A main objective of development ofthe project is creation and dissemination of a non-polluting source of the electricity.

Key consumers

Owners of cell phones, laptops and other small electronic devices, and the manufacturers of these devices, manufacturers of refrigerators and air conditioners. Manufacturers of electric vehicles, consumers and manufacturers of mini power plants

The main problem the project solves

Environmental pollution by combustion products of hydrocarbons, thermal pollution, improving the sustainability of electricity provision in various natural and man-made disasters.

Market, sales and marketing

Volume of the market: $5000 M

Target market description

Target market segments for the proposed Converter are cell phone manufacturers, as each phone is equipped with a power source,and manufacturers of refrigerators,air conditioners and processors for personal computers and laptops,led fixtures that require refrigeration elements.Another segment can be consumers have purchased small electronic and electrical devices.Also manufacturers of electric vehicles and mini power plants.

Planned entry to market

The first two years will go training, and the third year, the sales volume will amount to RUR 40 million and will increase by 5 th year to 120 million rubles. Will happen gradually the ousting existing batteries and rechargeable batteries by  the products of the company,  eliminating the need of recharging or replacement. New cooling elements will gradually displace existing because they consume much less electricity (or can produce). don't have a hot side and does not lead to heating of premise

Advantages over competitors


The main competitors of manufactured products will be the most well-known manufacturers of batteries and accumulators such as: Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, ENERGIZER , DURACELL, VARTA, MAXELL, SANYO, PANASONIC, TOSHIBA, PHILIPS, GP, and famous manufacturers of refrigerators and air conditioners: Samsung, LG, AEG, Electrolux, TEKA, HiTECH Technologies, Kryotherm company, Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Co., STINOL.

Competitive advantages

1. The proposed Converter has the form of a chip that allows production-based small-sized power sources that do not require replacement or recharging, which enables you to install these power sources only once. This allows to simplify the design of the hull cell phones and other small electronic and electrical devices, and, consequently, to reduce their cost. The lack of charge makes the device using such power sources, leads to the lack of need for the chargers, and, consequently, the stationary outlet.
2. The main advantage of the proposed Converter as a cooling element for refrigerators and air conditioners is no hot hand, the absence of environmentally harmful refrigerants, and the absorbed heat is converted into electrical energy (in the process, the inverter is cooled by converting the collected heat energy into electric energy), which leads to a significant reduction of electrical energy consumption.
3. The main advantage of the proposed Converter as a power source for the vehicle or for mini power plants is the lack of fuel consumption and related pollution.


  • High qualification of the team
  • No competition on the market
  • USP (unique selling proposition) on the market
  • It's early stage of business, no strong positions on the market
  • New product, no alternatives on the market
  • High range of areas to apply this project
  • Stable demand for this project (product, services). No seasonality.
  • Administrative barriers

The team

Karapetyan Gevork Yakovlevich
Role: General Management, Research.
Experience: 5+ years, leading people.
Education: Higher education, Degree.
Kataev Vladimir Fedorovich
Role: Marketing, Development, Research.
Experience: 5+ years, leading people.
Education: Higher education, Degree.



  • Investments
  • Prize (no money) on special events


Grants and money from prizes on special events: $10 K Own money: $
Investments: $ Others: $

Previous investors

Marine University, Taiwan, LTD Promethean, Bologna Italy

Finance and investments

Income (?) and outcome (?), USD
Seeking (total): $16.5 M
1 year$1.5 M
2 year$15 M

Key costs

  • R&D

Key achievements

1:  In experiments with field-effect transistors is given a new confirmation of the effect underlying the operation of the inverter
2:  In experiments with electrolyte shown the ability of change the contact difference in electric field
3: The results were published in peer-reviewed journals indexed in scientific databases SCOPUS and Web science

Additional information

Financial model

(finplan (1).xls)

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Detailed description of the project

A fundamentally new thermoelectric Converter representing a silicon chip, which in the process of work is cooled,  absorbing heat, converting it into electrical energy. It can be used as a compact power source and a power plant, and as a cooling element.  The advantage of the proposed converters in power supply – no need for replacement or recharging, as cooling elements – the lack of the hot side, which greatly reduces energy consumption, and as mini power plants – no need for fuel and the possibility of their installation in places of consumption (no power lines) or in electric vehicles.  Target market segments for the proposed Converter will be consumers and producers of cell phones, laptops, manufacturers of refrigerators, air conditioners and processors with cooling, as well as consumers and producers of mini power plants and electric vehicles. Currently the market size of power supplies, mini power plants (including electric), refrigerators and air-conditioners is hundreds of billions of dollars a year. The project is at the idea stage. The initial investment is planned in the amount of 1.5 million rubles.