Диссимметричное колесо с изменяемым профилем
Стадия: Создан прототип, но продаж пока нет;
Нестеров Илья
Россия - Уральский федеральный округ
Появление идеи: 2009-09-09

Concept / idea


Technical means of rehabilitation developed on the basis of a patent for invention RF № 2421364 as a pivot element in the device used assimetrico wheel integrated to hover, as on stairs and on a flat surface.

Key consumers

Consumers the Technical means of rehabilitation for people with disabilities are people with physical limitations in the world according to statistics, more than 600 million people.

The main problem the project solves

Currently there is no wheelchair, which could overcome staircases without the use of physical force the disabled person or the person accompanying him / her. Eliminated the probability of rolling chairs.

Market, sales and marketing

Volume of the market: $0

Target market description

The device works on the program. Is designed to move people with disabilities, both on flat surfaces and a flight of stairs in both directions. The device can be used for video surveillance and, as an alternative to the stretcher in ambulance

Planned entry to market

The project is implemented by LLC "IN-Novator" (Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region).

Advantages over competitors


Competing firms on the Russian market: 
• domestic producers of technical means of rehabilitation: (Federal state unitary enterprise "Ufa plant of metal and plastic products", JSC "SOA", etc.); 
• distributors of foreign products (Four X, Progeo, Otto-Bock, etc.).

Competitive advantages

The device works on the program. Through the use of special structural elements carried by the platform (chair) does not change the angle of inclination relative to the horizon, and the carrying platform (wheelchair) always has 4 points of support that prevent tipping. This ensures safety and creates physical and psychological comfort during use.For the device designed dessinatrice wheel integrated roll as the stairs and on a flat surface.


  • High IP protection
  • It's early stage of business, no strong positions on the market
  • New product, no alternatives on the market
  • Administrative barriers


Nesterov Ilya Vladimirovic
В проекте: Генеральное руководство.
Опыт работы: 5+ лет, руководство людьми.
Образование: Высшее.
Plekhanov Ilya Danilovich
В проекте: Исследования.
Опыт работы: 5+ лет, руководство людьми.
Образование: Высшее.
Nesterov Dmitri Olegovich
В проекте: Маркетинг, Продажи.
Опыт работы: 5+ лет, руководство людьми.
Образование: Высшее.



  • Obtained the status of a resident of one of the business support institutions


Grants and money from prizes on special events: $ Own money: $100 K
Investments: $ Others: $

Previous investors


Финансы и инвестиции

Доходы и расходы (пунктир), тыс. USD
Необходимо (всего): $520 тыс.
До начала проекта$100 тыс.
1 год$210 тыс.
2 год$210 тыс.

Основные статьи расходов

  • Исследования и разработки
  • Маркетинг, продвижение, продажи

Key achievements

1: Obtained patent for invention of the Russian Federation No. 2421364. For the device designed dessinatrice wheel integrated roll as the stairs and on a flat surface.
2: At the international exhibition fair development udostoeny Gold medal.
3:  For mobility on the staircases, on the basis of research, primenena new wheel integrated like rolling the steps and movement on a flat surface.

Дополнительная информация

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Развернутое описание проекта

Resolved question, is it possible ?- smoothly roll on the steps of the existing housing stock and the obstacles in the form of borders, and use the same product to move on a flat surface. Is perhaps the solution was surprisingly simple. Scientific development is : - designed asymmetrical wheel with a variable shape that is integrated rolls on the steps of the staircases of the existing housing stock and the borders, and rolling on a flat surface. A new wheel designed for the project (Patent for invention 2421364) Can be used:- IT transport devices video surveillance, shopping carts Housewives, baby strollers with the function of movement on the stairs, etc.