The tracker-footrest “ANTI-clot” for prevention VTE
Stage: First sales;
Biotech and medicine
Рубочкин Владимир
Russia - Volga Federal District
Russian Federation, 432012, Ulijanovsk
Появление идеи: 2010-07-01

Concept / idea


Since the venous stasis is closely associated with sedentariness at work, an obvious fix is to increase activity there. We conduct a workplace innovation. We invite sedentary office workers to use the tracker-footrest “ANTI-clot” for prevention VTE.

Key consumers

Key consumers: accountants, financial experts, IT professionals, operators of technological equipment, teller, tellers, analysts, designers.

The main problem the project solves

"ANTI-clot" eliminates causes of VTE, dissolves blood clots in the veins, save the beauty of the legs, automates the prevention and rehabilitation, contributes to the impoving the health.

Market, sales and marketing

Volume of the market: $1000 M

Target market description

Target market: accountants, financial experts, IT professionals, designers, officials, bank employees, tellers, equipment operators, gamers and users of social networks.

Planned entry to market

B2C: Internet marketing (

Advantages over competitors


* tablets, ointments and gels
* compression stockings
* compression pump "Avia Fit"
* compression pump "Venovawe"
* electro-stimulator "VeinoPlus"

Competitive advantages

"ANTI-clot" is more effective in:
* overcoming of stagnation of blood
* increase blood flow
* increase venous tone
* rehabilitation and prevention
* the comfortable use.

"ANTI-clot" does not require delicate care.
"ANTI-clot" has long product life. 
"ANTI-clot" has low cost of ownership per month.
Battery of "ANTI-clot" has life 2200 hour


  • High qualification of the team
  • USP (unique selling proposition) on the market
  • Product patented in Russia.
  • No well known brand on the market
  • New product, no alternatives on the market
  • High range of areas to apply this project
  • High solvency of customers.
  • Strong competition on the market

The team

Rubochkin Vladimir
Role: General Management, Operations, Sales, Development.
Experience: 5+ years, leading people.
Education: Higher education.
Gumerov Ildus
Role: Research.
Experience: 5+ years, leading people.
Education: Degree.
Gumerov Shamil
Role: Marketing.
Experience: 3-5 years, leading people.
Education: Higher education.




Grants and money from prizes on special events: $0 Own money: $0
Investments: $21 K Others: $

Previous investors

1/ Rubochkin Vladimir, Russia, 432012, Ulijanovsk, tel.+79876343221, 20'000 dollars US.
2/ Gumerov Shamil/ Russia,432012, Ulijanovsk, tel.+79510955800,1000 dollars US.

Finance and investments

Income and outcome (dotted), K USD
Seeking (total): $125 K
1 year$125 K

Key costs

  • S&M
  • Operations

Key achievements

1: Anti-clot" (as a means of prevention and rehabilitation) complies with the "Russian clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases of the veins" that have been developed by the Association of Phlebology Russia and approved by the Ministry of Health of Russia.
2: High efficiency "ANTI-clot" is confirmed by the experts of the State Research Medical Institute (Samara, Russia).

Additional information

YouTube clip


Detailed description of the project

Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)is a common medical condition with prevalence rates as high as 28% to 35% in adults. CVI is a cause of varicose veins and VTE. CVI directly is due to a stagnation of blood in the veins of the legs. "Anti-clot" - is designed in accordance with the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine of the FAA USA. The doctors discover, that venous pump intensify the process of fibrinolysis in the blood, when pump is working. In the absence of physical activity, fibrinolysis quickly falls. Therefore, need again and again (periodically) make an exercises. Volume of physical activity is important too. But our "multitasking" and various distracting factors - is that what hinder to prevention and rehabilitation. Without of "Anti-clot" your efforts could be worthless. "Anti-clot" fully takes over the organization of prevention and rehabilitation. Footrest must be placed on the floor under your working desk. When it is necessary, tracker-footrest prompts the user make excercises by feet. Tracker of "Anti-clot" have sensors and microcomputer which supervises movements of legs performed on its crossbar. By measuring the number and amplitude of movements, tracker determines whether there is enough muscle load for effective prevention and rehabilitation, and tells the user: "Enough." If the user misses one or more series of exercises "ANTI-clot" take this into account. Prevention and rehabilitation with the "Anti-clot" - it's easy and simple!