"Container for HYDROGEN"
Stage: Idea;
New matherials and processes
Черновол Юрий
Russia - Central Federal District
Появление идеи: 2013-09-07

Concept / idea


Microcontainers nanodispersnogo hydrogen fuel.
And the production started - we produce monthly 500 kg. nano powder in the composition, which is pure carbon the following forms: graphene, nanotubes, fullerenes, nanodiamonds and lonsdalite.

Key consumers

Today is a big demand in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, energy-autonomous units, cold batteries for all gadgets, robotics - in fuel cells using hydrogen nanodispernogo.

The main problem the project solves

Safe storage, transportation and use of a new type of hydrogen fuel - hydrogen nanodispersnogo topliva.Rasshiryaet the application of hydrogen fuel for the devices and scale types. Changes in fuel consumption mentality - not refuel at the gas station and buy fuel package at the kiosk.

Market, sales and marketing

Volume of the market: $10000 M

Target market description

Main consumers: Electronic gadgets, smartphones, telephones, radios and transmitters, air motors, ships and models, unmanned aerial vehicles, emergency power systems, modular electricity, robots and terrestrial engines. And much more.

Planned entry to market

With the first phase of the "easy" venture partner, and further strategic investor.

Advantages over competitors


So far, the only supplier of the main component (nanosized carbon), which is the basis of micro-containers, there is a company "Energy D" of the Russian Federation - is not any competitors will not. Now neither sold the material and is not made on the same exchange in the world. A obtained by synthesis or by detonation method taken separately components of nanosized carbon (such as - carbon nanotubes and fullerenes, and graphene) several times more expensive, and most importantly they are clean can not be without the presence of impurities catalysts. So microcontainers full of such material do not possible !!! If - it could be done, it is already 10 years on the market en masse, a new type of safe nanodispersnogo fuel.

Competitive advantages

The contents of this item can be found in the previous year, as a mirror image. And just look at Alibaba - our material is only one.


  • Strong pent-up demand in the market; Lack of competition; The product has a sustainable competitive
  • The project is at an early stage of business organization The need for and promotion of the brand
  • The product,which is unparalleled inthe market.The growth of demand for the product.Weak competition
  • If you do not cross the line microcontainers applications in the automotive industry is no threat.

The team

Chernovol Yury
Role: General Management, Development, Research.
Experience: 5+ years, leading people.
Education: Higher education, MBA.
Nosachev Leonid
Role: Operations, Research.
Experience: 5+ years, leading people.
Education: Higher education, Degree.



  • No. Only private money.


Grants and money from prizes on special events: $ Own money: $
Investments: $ Others: $300 K

Previous investors

personal investments were invested about $ 300,000

Finance and investments

Income and outcome (dotted), K USD
Seeking (total): $557 K
1 year$200 K
2 year$250 K
3 year$107 K

Key costs

  • Research and development; Marketing, promotion and sales.

Key achievements

1: Production of high purity nano promising material - nanodispersnymi carbon, with the composition of the SP2 - 80% (graphite, graphene, fullerenes, nanotubes) and the SP3 - 20% (nanodiamonds and lonsdalite)
2: Сarried out within three years of comprehensive studies (5 types of microscopy and analysis) of the powder to conform to the structure and high purity. All the same. Prepared documents to obtain a passport (TU) on the new material.
3: Partners - companies chemical industry began to research the use of nanosized carbon in the development of new types of coatings, compounds and other composite materials.

Additional information

YouTube clip


Detailed description of the project

Hydrogen can be safely stored and transported in a dispersed state using technology microcontainers nanodispersnogo hydrogen fuel. This technology allow to easily scale application of a new type of hydrogen fuel, both for existing and for new energy systems of a wide range of devices from gadgets to UAVs and spacecraft. The presence of special fuel cells allow the use of hydrogen fuel microcontainers nanodispersnogo reusable. Most importantly, this technology more than 20 years studied and tested by many scientists of the world, but its implementation was not possible due to lack of available carbon material has high purity carbon and proper dispersion. Currently, the material began to produce the company "Energy D" (Russian Federation).